Training And Development

As a leader in the medical device industry, Xray always takes innovation as the driving force for corporate development. Talent training and selection work has become the company's motor without shirk. At ACRY, we ensure that every employee has a clear career development and growth plan. From joining, employees can enjoy complete training and career planning, and fully realize their personal value in a larger development space. The company has invested a lot of resources to provide employees with continuous training content from multiple perspectives such as pre-job training, on-the-job training and management training, to help employees grow and improve, and help them be more competent for their jobs.

Employee training 

1. The company has gradually established and improved a complete training system consisting of four parts: "training course system, training lecturer management system, training effect evaluation and training management system". 

2. The training is completed by a combination of internal training and external training.

(1) Internal training establish a set of reasonable lecturer management methods and incentive mechanisms, and improve the professional skills and comprehensive quality of employees through different trainings;(2) Introduce excellent external courses, send employees to participate in external public training, selectively introduce external training, choose appropriate training methods, and promote internal knowledge update and ideological impact. 

3. Career planning:

(1) The company provides employees with a wide range of development space. The company has opened up three career development channels of management, technology and marketing to lay the foundation for the sustainable development of employees;(2) Organize outdoor development from time to time to enhance team cohesion and improve the psychological quality of employees;(3) Regarding the career development plan of employees, regularly organize relevant professional skills improvement training.
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