Research And Development

High-quality and high-efficiency R&D team, advanced R&D equipment, perfect R&D management platform, to create high-performance Acry products; Acry’s complete R&D team is the strength of Acry’s independent innovation. The power that promotes Acry's technological research to achieve one result after another breakthrough! The "Vehicle-mounted X-ray machine" developed and produced by Xray has obtained a number of national technical patents, passed a number of certifications such as ISO13485, ISO9001 quality system for medical equipment, and has "Digital Tablet DR" and "Pneumoconiosis X-ray Machine" , "Dual-energy X-ray bone densitometer" and other registration certificates, products are widely used in health examinations and occupational disease inspections. The company has a large number of highly educated, high-quality professional R&D talents, adhering to the never-ending spirit of innovation and the work style of excellence, and will surely become a brand enterprise of Chinese medical equipment. 

R & D results

  Four-in-one machine

  Automatic film developing device

  Digital DR

  Secondary energy storage

  MHIS system

  Dual energy X-ray bone densitometer

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