Pay And Benefits

Xray commitment 

01. Provide you with competitive salary and broad development space.02. You will enjoy statutory holidays and paid holidays stipulated by the state.03. You will enjoy the regular launch of various team activities and a variety of cultural and sports activities.04. Provide you with a good accommodation and living security.05. Provide you with five insurances and one housing fund.06, 5 days * 8 hours work system.07. Provide the service of entering Shenzhen households for employees who are qualified for job transfer.08. Hold a large-scale event at the end of the year and invite all employees of the company to participate.

Contact Us

Company Name: Shenzhen Xray Electric Co., Ltd.Company Address: 101,201,301,302, Building A, No. 8 Dakeng Road, Tongle Community, Baolong Street, Longgang District, ShenzhenPersonnel Department Tel: 0755-89648605 Email: hr@shyycp.com Fax: 0755-89648593
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