Hold on for 18 years! How powerful is Baolong, a medical enterprise with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan?
Release date:2020-09-14
In Baolong, there is such a medical company

18 years of research and development, annual output value over 100 million

Integrate production, sales and after-sales service

Who is this "big billion yuan household"?

This issue【Help the Pioneer】


广州 市艾克瑞电力有效单位

Helping PioneersAffected by the epidemic, the sales of some enterprises in Baolong’s jurisdiction have decreased, funds have not been recovered, and production and operation have encountered obstacles. Faced with the difficulties of enterprises, in order to better serve enterprises, the two new organizations in Baolong Subdistrict focus on promoting the development and cohesion of production and operation. Serving the masses, launching the theme activity of "Red Alliance Helping Enterprises Pioneer", building a platform to help enterprises develop, and oriented to enterprise needs, will promote the enterprises in the jurisdiction in phases and batches to help enterprises develop



This is a company focused on production

Digital DR, bone densitometer, health examination vehicle, CT examination vehicle, etc.

"Private customized" medical product company

Let's see how awesome it is~


Shenzhen Xray Electric Co., Ltd. (XRAY) was established in June 2002. It is engaged in the research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of medical products such as digital DR, dual-energy X-ray bone densitometer, medical examination vehicle, CT examination vehicle, etc. Professional enterprise. Product quality and technical content have been highly recognized by the industry and customers. The company has successively obtained "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", "National High-tech Enterprise", Integrity "AAA" Enterprise, and "Shenzhen Famous Brand".

What excellent products does the company have?

  1. Health Examination Vehicle

    640 (3).jpg

Main function: mobile health checkup, occupational disease checkup, special screening, etc.

Optional 7-12m medical vehicle length

In-car layout: Department digital DR, B-ultrasound, ECG, biochemistry, gynecology, mammography breast car, audiometry room and other inspection items

High-frequency 50KW departmental digital DR, the main accessories are Siemens, Canon, Varian, Thales and other international first-line brands, optional perspective and full body filming2.CT inspection car


Main functions: early detection of serious illnesses, precise treatment, saving lives

Multiple configurations: van/bus type medical vehicle, domestic/imported CT

Equipped with CT charging and inverter current, only need 220V city power to scan

The expansion design of the car makes the space inside the car instantly larger and more versatile

3.Dual energy X-ray bone densitometer


Main functions: measure the content of human bone mineral density, diagnose and prevent osteoporosis, and predict fracture risk in advance.DXA: Dual-energy X-ray absorption measurement methodWHO recognized the gold standard for diagnosis of osteoporosisFully enclosed lead protection to prevent radiation leakageAutomatic fault monitoring, effectively extending the service life of the whole machine

4.Department Digital DR


Main role: film diagnosisHigh voltage generator: 50KWFlat panel detector: amorphous silicon cesium iodideVideo workstation: one screen, dual use (video + analysis report)

Are these products trustworthy?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the CT examination vehicle reduced the concentration of people and reduced the risk of infection compared to the traditional fixed CT machine for admission. After receiving the demand information from Hubei's customized CT diagnostic vehicle for the new coronavirus, Akerui immediately worked overtime for production and successfully completed the delivery of the equipment, which bought valuable time for doctors and patients.


Acre has always adhered to the tenet of customer satisfaction, people-oriented, dedication, and pursuit of excellence, shouldering the mission of becoming a global mobile medical leader, and striving to achieve the vision of making mobile medical services for all mankind.

honor certificate

 《3C安全认证技能证书》 《产品品质银行信用A类机构》 《几毫米X电子束机公司证》 《杭州市高知名度品牌排行厂家》 《广西省最牛品牌英语证书》 《医院车工厂领军计划工厂头衔》 《深圳省守合约重信贷公司企业》 《厢式Xx射线机发觉专利申请资质证书》 《北京市医治仪器生育工厂50强》 《ISO9001、ISO13485质量水平组织体制认正》 《郑州市自主创新思维大中小单位微单位项目备案判断文凭》 《的国家高新能力能力厂家、关于诚信AAA厂家装备》......

640 (8).jpg

△The picture shows xray staff and Hubei doctors testing equipment together

Corporate Contact

Free hotline: 4000-120-181

Company switchboard: 0755-89648605

Physical examination vehicle item: 13392824761 (Miss Jiang)

Bone Densitometer Project: 18824654367 (Manager Zhang)

Company official website: shyycp.com

Company Address: No. 8, Dakeng Road, Tongle Community, Baolong Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

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